Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Data Set Test Again

New stand, new data, new problems.

While working with the stand is much easier now, it would appear that the red camera holder is glued with together with a slight tilt to the right.

Back to the "shop".

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Upgrading the Camera Stand

Small problem with the original idea.

Sure it works, but using metal screws for the cameras and metal clamps to attach them to the stand, left the whole thing heavy. Too heavy for the specifications of the plane.

Time to innovate! Easiest and lightest thing would be to attach another pair of bigger tubes over existing ones, using them as tracks to hold the cameras while still being able to adjust them.

Fresh out of those, we make our own:

Wrap some shrink wrap around the tubes, to use them as a mold:

Wrap some strong fabric around the mold. In this case, polyester canvas fabric. And drench it in super glue.

Let it dry and then pull off the mold carefully.

Sand off imperfections until smooth.

Cut to equal lengths, drill holes for camera holder and spaces. Reuse parts from previous version, but cut away anything unnecessary to keep the weight down.

Again wrap the stand in shrink wrap, put on all the parts and drench it in super glue again.

Replace the metal screw with a plastic one.

And we're done!

In previous version, a single camera holder was 73 grams, this version is 14 grams. Altogether a reduction in weight by 118 grams (118 = 2*73 - 2*14).